Thursday, January 7, 2010

Committments are Tough

Given that it's now officially a week into January (Happy Birthday, R!), I guess my the idea of posting my new years resolutions is a bit overdue, especially since one of my ideas was to procrastinate less.

Here's the thing though: I'm not feeling very motivated. Resolutions are supposed to be solid, compelling pieces of self-improvement. They're supposed to motivate you for at least like three weeks. They are supposed to be...well...resolute. I am not feeling resolute.

Which makes me wonder: how do I both make a New Years resolution and keep it? I don't even remember what my resolution was last year (curse less? possibly?) let alone judge whether or not I kept it. One possibility is to tone down the whole resolution situation and settle on some New Years suggestions instead.That way I can take them under consideration, acknowledge their intentions and then have the option of just moving on.

Or, (and?) I could just lower the bar a bit. Weight loss? Forget it. I'm having a baby. Stop procrastinating? Maybe next year. Vacuum the house more? Eh...vacuuming is kinda loud, and my cleaning lady really loves her job. Seriously. She does. It's sick.

Eat more carbs?
Now we're talkin'.


1. File my nails more. They're really ragged a lot.

2. Keep up the home-cookin'. Actually, you have no idea how hard this one is to keep right now. It's right up there with "reduce the whining" and "get out of pajamas" on the "virtually impossible things to do while in the first trimester" list. Except that I occasionally feel pangs of guilt when the answer to the ubiquitous "What's for dinner?" question is "Takeout." For an entire week.

3. Buy some more socks. P's toes are feeling a little too exposed these winter months. I should get on that.

4. Figure out a more appropriate guest room. Right now we only have bunk beds, which kinda puts a damper on our having anyone over the age of 15 come visit. Perhaps I can delegate this suggestion to a local husband...

5. Read more books. This one should be pretty easy to keep up with, since getting out of bed is sure to prove more and more of a problem.

6. Stop and appreciate the patience of my family and friends. And by that I mean, pause between complaining sessions and thank them for listening. Then get back to it.

and last, but certainly not least

7. Get the landscaping and gardens under control. Whoa. That's pretty serious. It sound an awful lot like hard work. It scares me.

But you know what? It's just a suggestion.

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