Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jumping Through Embroidery Hoops

I'm rushing around trying to get things in order (ha.) around the house before we leave for international travel. You know, since the CIA class was no problem I thought: I have an idea! When I'm 7mos pregnant I'll go to Turkey!

I'll be fine. After all, my ancestors crossed the prairie in covered wagons while pregnant and gave birth without anesthesia. My own mother climbed a Mexican pyramid. I'm pretty sure I can handle flying first class to a beachy resort.

At any rate, one of the things I'm trying to finish is a piece of embroidery that for super-secret reasons will not be discussed any further here. Except to say WHAT THE HECK CONNECTICUT. Is the entire state allergic to sewing projects or something?!

I'm supposed to be living in the industrialized North. Martha Stewart country. The fact that the nearest place for me to find an embroidery hoop and some halfway decent fabric is 40minutes away is unacceptable.

Seriously. Not even Walmart carries them anymore.

1 comment:

  1. That does seem sad that embroidery hoops are hard to find.