Thursday, July 1, 2010

Counting Down


That's how many weeks I have until my due date. I think. I'm not great at math, so give me a week or two on the ends.

So far I have a crib and changing table, a bouncy chair, car seat and bassinet, some clothes, a few sets of sheets for the crib and a baby book. I'm pretty sure I have most of my bases covered (oh, I also have a stroller) except that by "some clothes" I actually mean "like 5 onesies and this reeally cute raincoat that will fit a toddler". So that should probably be resolved at some point.

Everyone at the hospital recently has commented to how active the baby is. She never stops moving. It doesn't matter if I am awake or asleep, swimming, singing, gardening, happy, grumpy or just plain zoned out - I'm getting the feeling I have a lot of chasing around in my future. Even during the non-stress test monitoring where they make you sit on a bed and track the baby's heartrate the nurse was laughing about it.

"Usually we have to give the mother juice or a snack to get the baby moving around," she said, "but yours has a lot to say on her own!"

Greeaat. If there's one word that does NOT describe me or things I enjoy, it's "hyperactive".

That aside, it's pretty reassuring and actually kind of cute to know she's tap dancing around in there.

At my last appointment I learned that she is already 5lb14oz. That's real-live-baby sized!

Also, her legs are still measuring on the long side, so clearly she's meant to be the first ever infant supermodel.

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  1. Can't wait to welcome her to the world (and Texas) and spoil her with pretty things! Looking forward to seeing Mommy too :) Makes my heart happy just thinking about it.