Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I'm feeling inspired. SO inspired. By SO MANY things. Is this what they call "nesting"?

It may prove problematic.

Here's the thing: I love love love pretty and unique things. Emphasis on unique. And pretty. It's sort of a running joke around the house that everything I like is impossible to find.

For instance, this awesome illusion vase:

It's. so. cool. It actually has a small green plastic rod that holds up the top of the vase sort of like an axle on a wheel. It's green and stem-like, so it totally blends in with ...ya know...the stems. I found it for 75% off at a modern art museum in California one time. It puzzled and amazed several visitors to my home. I adored it. Then, one of our lovely cats sent it crashing to the floor, where it was irreparably shattered. LIFE IS SO UNFAIR.

Then P decided to give me a replacement as a surprise and the only one C could find had to be flown in from Europe. I don't even want to think about the shipping costs. Good thing the first thing was so cheap.

This Christmas I had a small, inexpensive book on my wishlist, called "The Library of Babel." I'm really into the etchings of imaginary libraries done by the book's illustrator, Erik Desmarzieres. I wish wish wish I could have some of his prints, but they're like, expensive, and hardly ever for sale. There's a whole collection of them in the University Club of New York, and it's so cool because they have a whole series of the imaginary library ones in their library!

I think I should totally meet up with whoever made that incredibly clever decorating decision, because we would clearly get along.

The point is this: the book is still in print. It's only $20. And yet it was only for sale in France.

I don't do it on purpose, but it just happens.

Okay, so now that it's been established that I can't make things easy, let me introduce you to my new love and fascination (bordering on obsession):

It's a sofa, decorated with crewel-work that looks like an octopus in the deep dark ocean. It's SO COOL.

I know! I told you.

And it's even easy to find! It's right here on the Anthropologie website. There's a catch, though. I don't want to spend this much money on it. No, I really don't. P, if you're reading this DO NOT INTERPRET THIS TO MEAN that I want you to buy this sofa for me and surprise me with it. I don't want IT. I just WANT it. See? It's very clear.

So, the obvious solution is that I need to learn some mad crewel-ing skills pronto. Oh, and upholstery.

THEN, if I knew how to make my own crewel upholstery fabric I could do whatever design I wanted. I could do a sofa and a rug. And pillows. I could do the whole darned nursery.

Maybe I'm getting carried away.

Perhaps an infant should grow up a bit and get some life experience before it has to face this crewel world head on. (heh. yesssssssssssss. You had to see that one coming.)


  1. Wow, that is quite sofa! You know the Bayeux "Tapestry" crewel work embroidery. I wonder how well crewel work upholstery holds up, needlepoint upholstery might be more durable. Needlepoint makes very good upholstery.

  2. Yeah, I've wondered that myself. I have an embroidered shirt from the 1970s and I've had to stop wearing it because the embroidery is too delicate. Very sad! It would have to be in a low-traffic area, at least.

  3. I am under the impression needlepoint holds up quite well. You could try making some crewel work cushions to put on a sofa.

    On a related note.

    How to Do Custom Reupholstery on a Needlepoint Stool or Chair Seat