Monday, August 15, 2011

A Little Advice, PLEASE, Before I Do-It-Myself...

Before I jump airhead first into this project, I'm going to ask "Teh Interwebs" for some advice.

By interwebs, I pretty much mean the 2 knowledgeable people who read my blog (I'm talking to you, UG).

The deal is, I'm redoing the guest room, and I'd have something flashy in mind for the walls.

I got a really cool fabric from Ikea that I'd like to use as a decor on the walls to give them a neat color pattern and texture. First, I was thinking of building some sort of frame, stapling the fabric to the frame and then hanging the frame on the wall like a piece of art.

Problemo Numero Uno: this isn't one piece of fabric we're talking about here, but nine, and in a pattern that I can't with confidence say will line up properly on the frame. I imagine it gaping open, and that's just not ladylike.

So, I briefly considered trying to make a sort of padded thing akin to an upholstered headboard that would hide any tacs needed to keep the fabric together. Briefly considered, and quickly rejected.

Now, I'm looking at the technique of "starching" a fabric to the wall. Essentially, you get or make liquid starch and use it as glue for adhering the fabric directly to the wall without any frame or anything. Sorta like wallpaper, except that it comes down easily with a little water.

Problemo Numero Dos: Everywhere this technique is described, it is sold as something for people in rental or temporary properties who need to be able to remove it easily. But I want it up for...well, presumably ever. Is that ok?

Secondly, my wall is stupid and textured. It's made of concrete since it's in the basement and I assume it's a valuable part of the foundation? Anyway, it's been painted many times, but the texture is still definetely there.

I've looked in to DIYing wall-texture removal and it doesn't look fun. Or pretty. Or fun.

What I mean is, I don't wanna do it.

Is it expensive to have done by someone else? Can I just ignore it and hang the fabric over the texture? Is butter a carb? Do these jeans make me look fat?


  1. this isnt really related to your post, but i've got to say - im not sure who you are, but you arent much older than me (two years, i think) and i am from wylie too. i L.O.V.E. your blog.

  2. actually, im wondering - is this joni?

  3. Haha, thanks! No, not Joni, although if she is one of the cool kids, then maybe I should pretend to be her...

  4. man! you guys are dead ringers for one another - married to someone older, has a little boy, stepmom of 2 teens, and a verrry crafty gal; loves to sew, loves to cook. you guys might be soul twins or something. anyway, great blog!