Sunday, August 14, 2011

Serious Waffles

My darling HC has been across the pond for two weeks and won't return for another. How I miss my energetic sidekick!

In her honor, I share with you the following story:

Friday afternoon, nearly dinnertime. Sunny day, mid-summer. HC and I venture in to one of our favorite haunts, Goodwill Enterprises in search of a "theater skirt" required for her then forthcoming venture into the wide world of *Will's wit. We wandered distractedly into the housewares section. Both our eyes fall upon a veritable Alladin's lamp of kitchen paraphernalia: a circus shape waffle maker, new in the box.

Me: OHMYGOSH. Should we get this?!

HC: Um, yes! I think so.

Me: Did I tell you my sister was appalled to discover that I didn't own a single waffle iron?

HC: That's true.

*slight pause*

HC: Although... is it wise to have our only household waffle iron be a circus shaped one? You won't be able to use it if you ever need serious waffles.

The last thing we did together before she left for her Shakespeare Conservatory in Oxford, England (sob! she's such a big girl!) was to make circus shaped waffles. She needed a packing break, and we needed some serious waffles.

*Shakespeare, that is.

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