Sunday, August 14, 2011

Post-Party Recap

On this rainy post-party Sunday, I thought I'd post some details of my last party of the summer. Needless to say, I meant to post one of these recaps for each of the parties this year, but typical disorganization got the best of me.

Yesterday we had about 15 people over for "Cocktails al fresco" to raise funds for a local non-profit. I spent the whole week leading up to the party working my tail off with Fred outside, whipping the landscaping and courtyard in order. Believe me when I say it was a serious battle with some hardcore hand-to-weed combat.

Meanwhile, C and I also formulate and executed (sounds so professional, eh?) a stellar menu.

Since it was just an afternoon event didn't have to plan a meal. On the main table we had:

vichyssoise, aka cold potato and leek soup, with white truffle oil and chives,

campari and watermelon tastes,

plus white bean salad, pea and mint salad, and the non-alcoholic drinks (lemonade, iced tea, water).

The centerpiece was made of branches from the broken pear tree that I've been putting to good use before they croak, and some discount plants (creeping jenny and woolly thyme) I picked up that morning that were long and trailing, creating a cool effect. Here are some of the sweets I made -
chocolate dipped apricots in sprinkles and coconut, yummmm.

The main event was the birthday cheesecake that I decorated with fresh fruit. Yes, it says 424. Happy Birthday, Virginia Dare!

On the "coffee table" aka firepit that we cleaned up, brought inside and put a tray on, was the cheese plate. I decorated it by putting a lantern that I bought in Turkey upside down in the middle.

Outside, we had paninis and quesadillas. The bar was outside too, down where there was a pretty view of the river.

Everything looked awesome, I just wish I were a better photographer!

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